10-fold pushbutton with led and card reader for 2-fold plate (60x45 mm module)

Hotel solutions

CODE: EK-E20-TP-10L (TR2)

  • 10-fold pushbutton with led and card reader for 2-fold plate (60x45 mm module)
  • 10-fold pushbutton with led and card reader for 2-fold plate (60x45 mm module)
  • 10-fold pushbutton with led and card reader for 2-fold plate (60x45 mm module)
  • Deep
  • Surface

The Ekinex® 20venti series 10-fold pushbutton is used for on/off control of utility devices, dimming of luminaires, control of motorized drives for roller shutters or other programmable control functions. Thanks to the integrated temperature sensor, the button can act as a temperature controller for a room or zone. RGB LED for each rocker. The switch has an integrated KNX bus communication module and is designed for installation in a flush-mounted wall box.

Delivery includes a terminal block for connection to the bus, a metal support for installation onto round or square mounting box (fixing holes 60 mm apart), a plastic adapter and two pairs of fixing screws.
The following accessories are available to be ordered separately:
  • 6 rectangular 30 x 15 mm keys with or without backlit text/symbols and 2 rectangular 30 x 15 mm plastic dimmer keys
  • 2-fold plate of the Deep and Surface series with 60 x 45 mm window

Card reader with RFID technology for access control with KNX bus communication. Equipped with a bistable relay (4A@24Vac/dc) and an input for potential-free contacts. Front LED in 3 colours (white, green and red) for access authorisation and information communication. Mounting in round flush-mounted box.

To be completed with:

  • Double plate with 60x60mm and 45x45 mm window (plastic, aluminium or fenix NTM®)
  • Auxiliary power supply 12-24 Vac/dc

The reader can be used in combination with smart-cards:
white colour, black UV printing of the Ekinex logo, supplied in a pack of 10 cards.
EK-TCC-10: white colour, customized UV printing with the logo of customer's receptive structure, supplied in pack of 10 cards. 



  • 10 fold version (possibility to configure up to 6 independent functionsplus 2 paired keys for adjustments) 
  • RGB LED for each freely programmable button 
  • Integrated temperature sensor 
  • Room thermostat function 
  • Plastic casing 
  • Connection to bus line with KNX terminal block 
  • Wall-mounting installation on round or square wall box 
  • IP20 protection degree (installed) 
  • 30 Vdc power supply by KNX bus



  • Implementation of access control functions via KNX TP bus (twisted pair) in combination with the ekinex EK-TH2-TP card holder
  • Enabling access after card validation
  • Management of the guest of the accommodation facility based on the booking and the check-in/check-out period; management of service users based on time slots and passpartouts
  • Programmable output for electric lock activation or as a simple actuator that can be activated by KNX telegrams.
  • 3-coloured LED (white, green, red) placed on the front side of the device to signal validation in progress (green LED) or unauthorised card (red LED); possibility of activation for do not disturb or room cleaning commands
  • Notification of validation events to supervisory system with memory buffer

The ekinex accédo software, dedicated to the management of accommodation and hospitality facilities (hotels, residences, guest houses or bed&breakfasts), is required for the programming of access control functions and card programming


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