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Card reader with RFID technology for access control with KNX bus communication. Equipped with a bistable relay (4A@24Vac/dc) and an input for potential-free contacts. Front LED in 3 colours (white, green and red) for access authorisation and information communication. Mounting in round flush-mounted box.

To be completed with:

  • Plate with 45x45 mm window (plastic, aluminium or fenix NTM®)
  • Optional frame from Form, Flank and NF' series (plastic or aluminium)
  • Auxiliary power supply 12-24 Vac/dc

The reader can be used in combination with smart-cards:

  • EK-TCE-10: white colour, black UV printing of the Ekinex logo, supplied in a pack of 10 cards.
  • EK-TCC-10: white colour, customized UV printing with the logo of customer's receptive structure, supplied in pack of 10 cards. 
  • Implementation of access control functions via KNX TP bus (twisted pair) in combination with the ekinex EK-TH2-TP card holder
  • Enabling access after card validation
  • Management of the guest of the accommodation facility based on the booking and the check-in/check-out period; management of service users based on time slots and passpartouts
  • Programmable output for electric lock activation or as a simple actuator that can be activated by KNX telegrams.
  • 3-coloured LED (white, green, red) placed on the front side of the device to signal validation in progress (green LED) or unauthorised card (red LED); possibility of activation for �do not disturb� or �room cleaning� commands
  • Notification of validation events to supervisory system with memory buffer

The ekinex accédo software, dedicated to the management of accommodation and hospitality facilities (hotels, residences, guest houses or bed&breakfasts), is required for the programming of access control functions and card programming


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