"When technology meets design" has always been the slogan of ekinex. In other words: we aspire to offer a product that represents the perfect balance between function and form, exactly what is needed when designing and creating an exclusive object, such as a yacht, for demanding and passionate customers. 

An environment where the choice of materials, colours and finishes allows interior designers to better express the wishes of the owner and never compromise without forgetting the comfort and well-being that technology can offer and that remains the heart of ekinex, dedicated to innovation and performance.

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Italian: the true value

In the field of yachts and superyachts Italy has historically been a recognized as a world leader. Just think of the fact that about half of all superyachts are built in Italy, the first European manufacturer and the second in the world, behind the United States. Italy is home to many of the most important shipyards, designers, engineers and suppliers of components; the Salone Nautico in Genoa is the most important event of the sector in the Mediterranean area. Shipowners from all over the world turn to Italy and exports account for between 80 and 90% of production.

We have always worked in this context. Ekinex products are developed and manufactured in Italy. We proudly affirm our Italian nature: it is a fundamental value that we wish to express in our product, the result of the talent of our designers and the care taken by our collaborators to create it. We were born and raised in a country of great beauty and long history, in us the passion for style is authentic and deep. We support the idea that design cannot be limited to a pure aesthetic exercise, but must include ease of use, immediate understanding of the function and a balanced and intelligent application of technology.

Like a home, but not only

While there remain some differences in the design of the interiors of luxury boats and houses, today the two worlds show a clear convergence. It is no coincidence that designers from other sectors are currently engaged in interior design, especially from the high-level residential sector. In common there are aspects such as the careful planning of the environments, the search for the livability of the interior and exterior spaces, the great attention to details or the value of craftsmanship.

The reasons? Over the last two decades a lot has changed in the design of interiors for yachts and superyachts. If up until twenty years ago the classic marine style was favored, since then a contemporary vision of interior design has emerged clearly influenced by what is done in homes. And, in addition, each yacht must express a unique language and personality, just like a house.

Moreover, the clients express to designers the desire to spend daily life aboard yachts with the same comfort and the same level of well-being to which they are accustomed in their home. It is therefore not surprising that home automation has become a standard feature of these exclusive boats. Its visible part must therefore guarantee that it is not subject to temporary fashions, as in the case of Ekinex wall-mounted controls that maintain their elegance and identity thanks to the design characterized by essential and timeless lines.


The importance of scenarios

On board a yacht or a superyacht it has become normal to design flexible and multifunctional recreational spaces. The same space can from time to time act as a cinema, a wellness environment, a bar or an entertainment room for the family. The open spaces, when not present on the yachts, need to be managed properly. In some cases, the design is so innovative that the very concept of division between internal and external spaces is modified or disappears. To allow a multifunctional use of these environments, the role played by the domotic scenarios is therefore central.

In these cases, interior designers are called upon to perform a demanding task. Think, for example, of what happens with televisions: as customers require engaging experiences, today very large luminaires are set up - to occupy entire walls - and this poses a problem of integration into the environment. A large black surface would in fact compromise the aesthetics; for this purpose, the screen can however be hidden and displayed only when necessary, thanks to the recall of a predefined scenario. The same scenario simultaneously sets the right lighting in terms of direction, intensity and color and moves the shading devices.

A fundamental requirement is to maintain ease of use and immediacy in understanding the actions that are referred to. In fact, in addition to the owner and his family, they are often on board guests who are not familiar with the boat. The Ekinex controls - completed with the symbols of the function performed - are increasingly common in these applications, thanks to an extensive library of standard icons and the possibility of creating custom symbols based on the user's needs.

Home automation but open

On a yacht, users want to control all on-board systems: from lighting to climate control, passing through shading devices to get to audio-video equipment. For this purpose touch-panels, tablets, smartphones are used and, for some functions, even voice control.

To integrate the various systems quickly and without problems, it is essential to use an open and interoperable home automation system, as in the case of ekinex, developed according to the international KNX standard.

Italian: the true value

Yachts and superyachts: a sector of great vitality for Italy, the first European manufacturer. The ideal environment to find products and solutions also for designers and builders from other countries.

Like a home, but not only

Designing interiors for luxury yachts presents many points of contact with the interior design of the houses. The two worlds interact more and more closely and home automation is essential for both.

The importance of scenarios

They may seem superfluous functions and instead automation scenarios play a fundamental role in controlling on-board systems on yachts to experience an authentic experience of comfort and well-being.

Home automation but open

When designing and implementing an automation system for the naval sector, how can system availability be guaranteed in the long term? The answer is to operate exactly as for buildings and use an open system.
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The interiors of yachts are often characterized by a variety of materials and colour choices: different enamels, qualities of wood and stone, fabrics, leathers and metal finishes coexist, sometimes even in the same room. The same formal solution must therefore offer a wide choice of colours, materials and finishes: this is the case of Ekinex wall-mounting products, which always allow the customer to find always the best solution.

  • interni yacht
  • interni yacht

The Ekinex controls are characterized by essential lines, great formal balance and a valuable timeless design. Ideal to fit with aesthetic taste and discretion into the interiors of any yacht, whatever the stylistic choice: classic, contemporary or trendy. Even in those rooms where the owner wishes to display a painting or a work of art.

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At the base of Ekinex solutions for nautical applications there is an idea of integration and coordination between each single element. KNX means open dialogue with everyone: a single technological and aesthetic language capable of being perfectly integrated in every environment for functionality and design, offering maximum programming flexibility, customization of all parameters and integration of new functions at any time.

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For the marine sector Ekinex offers a complete range of products that allows the control of all the main functions of the thermal and electrical system and to interface the systems supplied.
Wall mount products
  • Pushbutton with thermostat FF series ED2
  • 6-fold pushbutton EB2
  • Pushbutton with thermostat 71 series E12 (round wall box)
  • Pushbutton with thermostat 71 series E12 (square wall box)
Room temperature controllers
  • Room temperature controller EP2
  • Room temperature controller EQ2
  • Room temperature controller 71 series (round wall box)
  • Room temperature controller 71 series (square wall box)
  • Touch-display 3,5” (for round wall box)
  • Touch-display 3,5” with 2-fold pushbutton (for square wall box)
Distribution sockets
  • Square plate with 45x45mm window (round wall box)
  • Square plate with 55x55mm window (round wall box)
  • Square plate with 60x60mm window (round wall box)
  • Rectangular plate 68x45 mm window (square wall box)
  • Rectangular plate 60x60 mm window (square wall box)

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