The expectations of homeowners today are very different from those of a few years ago: the primary need for security has been joined by the desire to live a daily experience that increases the pleasure of spending your time in your home in maximum comfort and well-being.

Houses that offer a high quality of living in all situations and for all the needs of their owners and at the same time have a high energy efficiency, reducing consumption and ensuring environmental sustainability. Today this is possible, thanks to ekinex home automation that allows you to control and monitor the entire house, putting the focus on people and not on technology.

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Quality of living

For decades, the concept of comfort has simply been associated with an adequate temperature in the household during cold weathers' seasons. Today, the situation has changed a lot: in the home you want to have an ideal climate all year round, you want to control the relative humidity and, more than in the past, you also pay attention to the quality of the air in the indoors.

Newly built houses and houses that have undergone major renovation are now well insulated from heat, cold and external noise. At the same time, air renewal systems with energy recovery are spreading, which positively influence the energy performance of the building, allowing a higher classification. 

The advantages in terms of energy consumption are considerable and the automation and control systems for residential buildings enable the regulation of climate and air quality.

The ease of use of the automation system at home is also considered an essential part of the quality of living. To meet this requirement, push-button controls with adequately sized keys are designed, completed with symbols and signalling LEDs lights, powered by very low voltage - and therefore intrinsically safer - which can be made of valuable materials and pleasant to the touch. 

These are supported by home control via smartphone apps and voice commands for home speakers, two new opportunities offered by home automation that greatly simplify everyday life.

With home automation is worth more

Adriano Lovera's article of February 2018 on Il Sole 24ore (”La casa domotica vale il 10% in più”) confirms what was already known from the common experience: when you build or renovate and install a home automation system, the price of the house is higher than that of similar residential units, but equipped only with the traditional installation system.

As Lovera points out, technology and comfort in the home are no longer just an option, but a winning element in the real estate market. From an analysis carried out on some specialised portals, it is found that at least a quarter of the requests for quotes received concerns home automation devices and 24% of new owners, who renovate the house after purchase, includes at least one home automation element. From the real cases examined in the new construction sector, it is clear that home automation is now included in both high-end projects and lower budget ones.

To verify the advantage in the case of renovation, Lovera has instead examined dozens of ads published on a portal of real estate brokerage for residential units in Milan, Rome and in medium towns such as Treviso and Parma. The result? The sale price is in all cases in the highest range, compared to the average calculated by the portal for directly comparable apartments. The advantage is between 8 and 12%, but with peaks that are close to 30%. The conclusion of Lovera: home automation is now an essential aspect for those who face a real estate investment.


Well-being thanks to dynamic light

Controlling light dynamically can make a major contribution to people's well-being. After all, the reason is simple: in thousands of years of evolution, the human being has become accustomed to the light of the sun, which varies naturally during the day, both in terms of brightness and colour shades. 
In the morning, natural light tends to be cold, while in the afternoon it gradually takes on warmer tones. But contemporary life is mostly spent inside buildings and only a small part of it outside.
Thanks to LED lights and the variety of lighting fixtures - which can emit intense or diffused light and above all to home automation control, today the lighting can be adjusted at will in terms of light intensity and colour and can change dynamically at different moments during the day. This makes it possible to replicate natural conditions inside the home, offering people environmental conditions closer to their biological needs.
How does dynamically controlled lighting work? In the morning, the light must facilitate the awakening, so the ideal is a cold white light that promotes the production of cortisol. With home automation control it is also possible to gradually increase the brightness before the alarm clock time, contributing to a more natural awakening. As the hours go by, cold white light can take on higher levels of intensity, just like the outside world, promoting concentration and activity. In the late afternoon and evening, the lighting should instead relax and prepare for night-time rest, so a warm, soft white light with prevailing red components and very limited blue components is ideal, which helps the body to produce the Melatonin. The positive effects of dynamic light can also be particularly useful in the winter months and in the seasonal changes that some people particularly suffer from.

The Ecobonus for home automation

The Ecobonus for home automation is a national measure to encourage home automation that was originally introduced by Law No 208 of 2015. Since it was confirmed by the Budget Law promulgated at the end of 2018, it can also be used in the case of expenses incurred in 2019.

The measure is very interesting for those who build a home automation system, because it allows to deduct with a rate of 65% those solutions that increase the efficiency of the heating system and inform end users about their consumption.

The Ecobonus focuses on those parts of the home systems that are traditionally responsible for most of the energy consumption: heating and domestic water production are in fact worth an average of 80% of domestic energy consumption.

What does the Law* say about Ecobonus for home automation?

For expenses incurred between 1 January and 31 December 2019, there is a deduction for the purchase, installation and putting into service of multimedia devices for remote control of heating systems, hot water production or air conditioning of housing units, aimed at increasing awareness of energy consumption by users and to ensure more efficient operation of the systems. The deduction is made to the extent of 65% of the total amount spent.

These multimedia devices must have specific characteristics. In particular:

  • They must allow remote switching on, off and weekly programming of the systems;
  • They must indicate, through multimedia channels, energy consumption, through the periodic supply of data;
  • They must show the current operating conditions and the control temperature of the systems.

The measure facilitates, in addition to the supply and installation of all equipment (electrical, electronic and mechanical), the electrical and masonry works necessary for the installation and operation of building automation systems inside buildings for the control and monitoring of thermal systems.

* Law no. 145 of 30 December 2018: State budget for the financial year 2019 and multi-year budget for the three-year period 2019-2021 (recalls Law no. 208 of 2015).

Quality air

When it comes to air quality, we generally think of the external environment, because of the polluting and climate-altering emissions caused by production activities, vehicle traffic or the winter heating of buildings. But today we are aware that problems of poor air quality can arise even in closed environments, caused by pollutants from both inside and outside the building and by the increase in the concentration of CO2 due to human presence.

This aspect should not be underestimated, since in Europe, on average, more than 90% of our time is spent indoors: in Italy, for example, 55% in homes, 33% in work environments, 4% in other environments, while only a residual percentage of time is spent outdoors. A very timely topic, as confirmed by the article by Alice Vigna in the Corriere Salute supplement of Corriere della Sera (”The ”smog” hidden at home, in the office and also at school”, 19 September 2019).

If exposure to pollutants becomes very prolonged over time, the problem is no longer just one of environmental well-being, but can also seriously affect people's health. Ensuring a high quality of air in the home is therefore a necessity. This can be helped by the control of ventilation by means of home automation, which enables high air quality and energy efficiency to be achieved at the same time. 

Fenix, the material you don't expect

Fenix NTM® is a nano-technological material developed for typical interior design applications such as kitchens, hospitality, healthcare, transport, bathrooms or furnishing elements. 

Fenix NTM® consists of paper (more than 60%) and heat-hardening resins (about 30-40%) and is produced through a special process in which heat and pressure are applied simultaneously in order to obtain a homogeneous and non-porous material. The inner layer is composed of paper impregnated with heat hardening resins, while the outer surface requires the use of nanotechnology and is made up of new-generation acrylic resins, hardened and fixed with the process known as ”Electron Beam Curing”. 

With a low light reflection, its surface is extremely opaque, anti-fingerprint and has a pleasant softness to the touch. Thanks to the use of nanotechnologies, Fenix NTM® thermally repairs micro-scratches on the surface. In addition, Fenix NTM® is highly resistant to abrasion, scrapes and dry heat. It is also shock and acid-based solvents and household reagents resistant. Significantly reduces the bacterial load, making the surface hygienic and easy to clean. It is also liquid repellent and mould resistant. 

Ekinex has chosen this innovative material as the finish for its wall products: buttons and plates in eight new colours that enhance the design of buttons and accessories for the completion of the sockets. 

A new product that was immediately appreciated by architects, interior designers and end customers and has been included in numerous home  and building automation projects.

Quality of living

A good part of our life is spent at home. Domotics offers an incomparable quality of living in environments that are, in many cases, the most important purchase of our lifetime.

With home automation is worth more

According to a study published in the Sole 24 Ore, a home with a home automation system is worth more than one that is lacking with an average advantage of between 8 and 12%, but which can even reach 30% in some cases .

Well-being thanks to dynamic light

Light plays an important role in the correct functioning of our biological clock. Today, lighting can go beyond its basic function and significantly improve people's well-being.

The Ecobonus for home automation

When automation and control systems can increase the efficiency of the heating system and provide information on energy consumption, it is possible to deduct 65% of the expenses, thanks to the Ecobonus for home automation provided by the budget law.

Quality air

When it comes to poor air quality, the outside environment is generally considered, due to production processes, traffic and building heating. However, you will find some surprising things if you look at what is happening in the house.

Fenix, the material you don't expect

Anyone who works in the furniture sector already knows it: it is Fenix NTM®, an Italian trademark which is the result of nanotechnology. But for the first time this innovative material is used as a finish for a series of pushbuttons - in eight new colours that enhance its design.
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The ekinex system ensures a comfortable indoor climate, high air quality and pleasant lighting for every moment of the day for maximum relaxation and well-being. 
Manual buttons can be easily combined with voice and smartphone control and delégo apps. 

For greater control and convenience, timed or presence-dependent controls can be added, but individual preferences retain their priority at all times: whether you are at home or away from home, in the event of rain or strong winds, the ekinex control system ensures that curtains, blinds or shutters are kept safe and that they are not damaged. 

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  • soggiorno e camera da letto

Combining high comfort with high energy efficiency is the first objective of the ekinex solutions. Heating and cooling only where and when necessary, using free heat and light and avoiding unnecessary energy loss  are just a few examples of the functionalities performed by the system. 

additionally, thanks to the delégo App it is possible to be timely informed about the consumption of property and of its trend over time: a quick and effective way to identify any anomalies and avoid wasting resources.

The whole house in an App

delégo is the system for the supervision and control of the Ekinex home automation system through iOS or Android mobile devices. The interface is simple and intuitive and allows you to interact with the home automation system through the use of a common smartphone.

The delégo App allows you to control lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, shading devices such as curtains, shutters and blinds, audio/video equipment and many other home automation functions with a simple touch, from a single device and from anywhere in the building reached by the wi-fi network or remotely via a web connection. 

And that's not all: you can also create, edit and recall scenarios and monitor the various consumption of the house.

From the main menu you can choose whether to navigate by areas or by services; you can also directly access the scenarios page. Integration with Ekinex devices is immediate and is enhanced by compatibility with any other device based on the open KNX standard.

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Controlling the house with your voice

The year 2018 saw the definitive affirmation of the voice assistants integrated in the home speakers offered by some large international companies. From little more than gadgets to recall a piece of music or listen to the weather forecast, voice assistants are becoming increasingly powerful instruments, with reflections on many activities of daily life. Now these devices are also proposed as an easy and intuitive control interface for the entire smart home, allowing the most immediate control you can think of, simply saying the action to be taken.

”Ok Google, set the temperature of the living room to 20 degrees. ”Hey Siri, turn off the kitchen fan.” ”Alexa, turn off the lights in the hallway.” Fantasy? No, it's not. The delégo app for smartphones is now joined by another extremely simple and intuitive way of managing the ekinex system: voice control. This is thanks to the dedicated gateway that allows KNX to interact with the intelligent speakers with voice assistants offered by the major brands: Amazon, Apple and Google

A very compact device that nonetheless conceals sophisticated technology that can really simplify the everyday life in the household. In combination with the gateway, Amazon, Apple and Google Apps also allow you to use your smartphone as an alternative to home speakers for complete control of your ekinex system and to extend its capabilities.

Custom icons and symbols

To meet the growing need for “tailor made” products, ekinex® has expanded its library of symbols with new icons that can be used on the entire range of plastic, metal and Fenix NTM pushbutton 

In addition to those offered as standards, ekinex® offers the possibility to print the icons created or suggested by customers (in vector format to, eps, dwg, dxf or pdf) and according to their tastes and needs for a complete customization of the commands of your home. 

The whole house in an App

delégo is the Ekinex supervision system that allows simple and intuitive control of all the functions of the home automation system from smartphones equipped with iOS or Android operating systems.

Controlling the house with your voice

A new simple and intuitive way to interact with the home automation system: voice control. The EK-BV1-TP Ekinex gateway allows you to easily use the functions of your home system with home speakers equipped with a voice assistant. 

Custom icons and symbols

To meet the growing need for “tailor made” products, ekinex® has expanded its library of symbols with new icons that can be used on the entire range of plastic, metal and Fenix NTM keyboards.
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The smart load control automatically activates and deactivates the main electrical loads in the home according to the priority scale assigned, optimising their use according to the contractual power and avoiding annoying disconnections or costly excess withdrawals. The integrated logic also allows you to take into account the availability of electricity produced from renewable sources, such as solar photovoltaic. 

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For the residential sector, Ekinex offers a complete range of products that allows the control of all the main functions of the heating and electrical system as well as interfacing with of all the systems used.
Wall mount products
  • Pushbutton with thermostat FF series ED2
  • 6-fold pushbutton EB2
  • Pushbutton with thermostat 71 series E12 (round wall box)
  • Pushbutton with thermostat 71 series E12 (square wall box)
Room temperature controllers
  • Room temperature controller EP2
  • Room temperature controller EQ2
  • Room temperature controller 71 series (round wall box)
  • Room temperature controller 71 series (square wall box)
  • Touch-display 3,5” (for round wall box)
  • Touch-display 3,5” with 2-fold pushbutton (for square wall box)
Distribution sockets
  • Square plate with 45x45mm window (round wall box)
  • Square plate with 55x55mm window (round wall box)
  • Square plate with 60x60mm window (round wall box)
  • Rectangular plate 68x45 mm window (square wall box)
  • Rectangular plate 60x60 mm window (square wall box)
App and smartphone control
Voice control
  • EK-BW1-TP
    Home speaker interface with voice assistant
Load control
  • Interface CF2 for load monitoring and control
Heating and cooling control
  • Actuator/controller 8-fold for electrothermal valve drives
  • Fancoil controller 3 speed and 0-10V
Lighting control
Shutters and curtains control
  • 8-fold binary output / 4-fold blind actuator FE1

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