Mon, 10 May 2021

A Holiday Home and Show Apartment in South Cornwall

The Application Context

A "boutique" rental apartment in the town of Marazion on the south west coast of Cornwall.

This project is an Intelligent Installations Joint Venture: it is a ‘Holiday Rental Apartment’ & ‘Show Apartment’.

Client Requirements

The property acts as a show apartment to demonstrate the range of products and services the company offers to current and prospective clients, who may choose to stay in the flat for a holiday or have a personalized demonstration of any of the technology within.

As this is a small one-bedroom apartment, the technology had to be hidden out of sight, but where it was to be seen, it had to be beautiful and also very easy to use due to a high turnover of guests expected.

Ekinex Solutions

Ekinex products were chosen for their minimalist aesthetics and user-friendliness.

The 71 series wall-mounted controls with brass-coloured metal Deep frame (EK-E12-TP) are used throughout the property and have been customised with symbols and text to describe the function performed by each button.

Ekinex buttons control lighting (on/off and dimmed up/down) and preset Lighting Scenes. For example, the 'Relax' scenario when pressed, many lights switch on to pre-defined levels to create the perfect mood lighting.

The 'Movie' scenario in the lounge area, when pressed, not only does the lighting change, but the TV switches on and selects the Movie Server, all effortless for the guests.

At the entrance the 'Home On' button not only switches on the entrance light, but also generates other actions based on the time of day, for example, if it is night time then it also switches on other passageway lights.

The Exterior Lights Button cycle through scenes to enable easy selection of different lighting moods outside.

Another example of personalised Lighting Scenes is the 'Moon' symbol engraved on the push-buttons next to the beds, which when pressed it lights up the pathway in a very subtle way through 4 rooms to the bathroom that is unique to each guest. This ensures the other guests aren’t woken up by late night toilet visits.

Intelligent Installations Ltd

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