• Configuration environment
  • Configuration environment

Configuration environment

Software Delégo


The web configurator is the interface through which the configuration of the Delégo supervision system is carried out, as well as some advanced settings.

ETS Importation

The automatic importation of the ETS project (version 4 and later) is an indispensable tool to facilitate the entire project cycle of the KNX automation system, from the preliminary version to the as-built version. The system integrator can associate automatically imported group addresses to define the functionalities of the graphic components that make up the visualization environment.

  • ETS project format: OPC Export (Open Platform Communications) downloadable with ETS4 and later versions.
  • Importing group address structure (1-3 levels), descriptions and KNX communication object type.
  • Support for further imports and/or manual introduction with merging of new group addresses.
  • Tools to accelerate the configuration of graphic components by name matching, group address filters and offset copying.
  • From ETS5.x it is possible to export the project directly in OPC format, generating 2 files, one with extension .esf and one with extension .phd. The first one contains the list of all the group addresses used, the second one contains the list of all the physical addresses used.
  • Through the web interface of the server, you can import the 2 generated files.
  • It is possible to configure automatic rules to search for status feedback, according to the description made in ETS and/or according to the group addresses used. This function allows to speed up considerably the configuration of the control widgets.
  • At the end of the import procedure a detailed summary of all the status command associations carried out, is provided.
  • The creation of widgets is facilitated by the duplicate function: once a widget has been created, it can be cloned several times with the updated group addresses for the different functions of the building.
  • During the creation of a widget, compatible group addresses, imported from the ETS project, are automatically suggested.

Multilanguage support

The Delégo supervisor has multilingual supported configuration environment and visualization environment. The server configuration environment, intended for the system integrator, supports the following languages:

  • Italian
  • English

Logical sequences

Delégo server integrates in the configuration web server a powerful graphic development environment with functional blocks to realize advanced logics that extend and complete the functions provided by KNX products with ETS. The system integrator has available a complete library of preconfigured functional blocks to drag on the graphical environment and connect with the variables and states acquired from the field through KNX bus; the programs created are automatically translated into scripts in the Lua language and executed as independent and background tasks on the server device.

The tasks can react to an event (change of status or value of KNX communication objects) or execute the logic cyclically; the environment also has a simulator to test and fine-tune the programs created before running them with the automation system.

The library of functional blocks includes:

  • Combinator logic blocks (AND, OR, XOR, NOT)
  • Scenario blocks and sequences
  • Gates (selectors, bistable elements T, RS and D, latch)
  • Comparison Operators
  • Mathematical operators
  • Counters
  • Timers and triggers
  • Astronomical clock (solar height and azimuth calculation of a site characterized by its geographical coordinates)

Licenses and vouchers

Supervisor Delégo has 3 different License levels. Each license level allows to manage a different number of KNX group addresses, according to the following summary table..

BASIC EK-DEL-SRV-BAS-TP 400 max 100 100 100 100

Upgrade licenses are available to extend the number of KNX group addresses of the product (max 2500 KNX group addresses).

ADVANCED EK-DEL-UPGR-BA 1200 max 100 100 100 100
PREMIUM EK-DEL-UPGR-BP 2500 max 100 100 100 100


In addition, a voucher code is available to extend the advanced functionalities of the system. The upgrade codes and voucher are activated on the Delégo Tech Portal.

The Delégo Tech Portal is the tool that facilitates the system integrator's work of installing licences on the Delégo server.

You can access on the portal typing the address voucher.ekinex.com into your browser: at the first access it is possible to register and obtain the login credentials. Use is very simple: by typing the code on the voucher you have purchased or by using the practical QR code and the serial number on the side label of the server device, you can generate a licence code for a specific Delégo function or the extension to a larger number of group addresses.

For any further information, a video tutorial showing the steps for using the Delégo Tech Portal is available.

Video tutorial


Control via Amazon and Google voice assistants   X  
Weather service   X  
Modbus Read/write RS485 RTU and TCP/IP registers up to 30 registers more than 30 registers
Load control and energy monitoring   X  
Sonos Sonos Modular multi-room system based on WiFi X  
Mobotix     X
2N Telecommunications     X
DoorBird     X
CAME Thangram series   X
Comelit     X
Dahua Technology     X
Vimar 41007 series   X
InfinitePlay     X
Axis   X  
Mobotix   X  
Elvox   X  
HikVision   X  
Dahua Technology   X  
jpg / mjpg / rtsp Universal holder X  
Tecnoalarm Tecnoalarm compatible with TECNO-OUT protocol with USB and LAN communication   X
EL.MO Intrusion control units VILLEGGIO, ETR and TITANIA series with LAN communication   X
IESS Intrusion control units GENIO series with LAN communication   X
GEWISS Intrusion control unit CHORUS GW10931 with LAN communication   X
Bentel ABSOLUTA intrusion control unit with LAN communication   X
Paradox Intrusion Control Panels PARADOX EVO range with RS232 communication   X


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