• Alexa voice control and Google Assistant
  • Alexa voice control and Google Assistant
  • Alexa voice control and Google Assistant
  • Alexa voice control and Google Assistant

Alexa voice control and Google Assistant



Interact with Delégo through voice assistants

Delégo in combined with the Ekinex cloud service allows interaction with the home automation system through voice commands given to Amazon and Google smart speakers.

  • Alexa, turn on the light in the kitchen
  • Alexa, set the light in the living room to 70%.
  • Alexa, increase the light in the room by 20%.
  • Ok Google, tell me the temperature in the living room
  • Ok Google, set the temperature in the kitchen to 21 degrees
  • Ok Google, turn off everything

Simple voice instructions allow you to execute commands, request the status of the devices and start complete scenarios; integration with the KNX standard automation system is complete and, in the presence of an Internet connection, it is flanked by interaction via wall devices (push-button controls, room thermostats), touch-screen panels of the Delégo-Panel series, mobile smartphones, tablets and fixed devices.

Thanks to the dedicated skills, it is possible to bring back inside your voice assistant, the most commonly used functions, appropriately marked in Delégo to be controlled by voice.

Delégo server does not communicate directly with voice assistants installed in different environments, but provides cloud-to-cloud interaction with Amazon and Google voice services respectively. The voice command given and collected by the voice assistant is processed by Amazon / Google services, and passed to the Ekinex cloud, so that the command is finally sent to the server; similar method regulates the request for information, in this case the server informs the cloud with the updated status of the functions, and from there, the information is sent to the voice assistants, who synthesize it by voice.

Integration with IFTTT

Delégo server offers the possibility to send and receive commands with the IFTTT platform, which allows to create free association rules between compatible devices and services (called "applets" or "recipes") according to the logic if this (if this) happens then that (then that) from which the acronym IFTTT.

The "recipes" can be executed on the automation system against events received externally or vice versa, "applets" (e.g. sending a tweet) can be executed against events occurring on the automation system.

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