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Integration of anti-intrusion systems

Delégo natively integrates some anti-intrusion systems through their proprietary protocol; this makes possible the integrated control of the security system within the supervision, even when this does not operate on standard KNX technology.

Delégo allows to manage the inclusion of different sectors / areas, the control of zones / sensors, and the general control of the system, detecting and managing any anomaly signals. For details on the functions managed by the different anti-intrusion systems, please refer to the relevant detailed documentation.

  • The integration is natively supported and therefore more secure, because it uses protocols certified by the manufacturer of the security system and provides an encrypted information exchange.
  • The system status menu contains the statuses of the intrusion detection unit and any general commands.
  • The areas menu contains the list of areas, programs or sectors (depending on the specific nomenclature of the manufacturer of the control unit) through which you can enter the anti-intrusion system.
  • The sensor menu contains the system zones/inputs and any outputs. The colors of the status field allow you to easily identify the presence of alarms, the status of the sensor insertion or the operating anomaly.
  • The Historical menu, for the security control panels that make the information available, allows you to scroll through the list of all the events that have occurred in the system.

Supported Models

Intrusion control panels with protocol TECNO-OUT
with USB/LAN communication
Intrusion control panels VILLEGGIO, ETR e TITANIA series with LAN communication Intrusion control panels GENIO series with LAN communication Intrusion control panels CHORUS GW10931 with LAN communication Intrusion control panels ABSOLUTA with LAN communication Intrusion control panels EVO range with LAN communication