Case histories KNX Products

The entire range of KNX products developed by Ekinex is used for the automation of both residential and commercial buildings: private households, offices, hotels, public’s institution building, schools and universities, hospitals, shops and shopping malls. To further confirm the efficacy of the KNX standards in reducing the energy consumption and magnify the energy efficiency, our technicians have prepared some case studies and insights of KNX applications developed by Ekinex and its partners. Thermoregulation, energy efficiency, lighting control, security’s system supervision and many other ad-hoc solution can be created, based on the clients requirements, thanks to the KNX standard: discover them all.

Turin house of the architect Fabio Fantolino

In Turin, the architect Fabio Fantolino has his residence in the 19th century Palazzo dei Conti Callori designed by Alessandro Antonelli, author of the iconic Mole and the bizarre Casa Scaccabarozzi, better known as Fetta di Polenta.

Fri, 5 June 2020

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Combining ease of use, comfort and design

Close by the historic Carcassonne, a medieval town in the south of France, famous for La Cité, its fortified citadel with towers and walls, stands a modern villa with an elegant and contemporary design.

Fri, 4 June 2021
A Holiday Home and Show Apartment in South Cornwall

A ”boutique” rental apartment in the town of Marazion on the south west coast of Cornwall. This project is an Intelligent Installations Joint Venture: it is a ‘Holiday Rental Apartment’ & ‘Show Apartment’.

Mon, 10 May 2021
Classicism and elegance meet the benefits of a smarthome

In the quiet hinterland of Como, a period villa during a major renovation has been able to integrate home automation, while maintaining the original features of the architecture of the early twentieth century.

Tue, 20 April 2021