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Video intercom systems integration

Delégo is able to coordinate one or more intercoms operating on standard SIP protocol, thanks to its integrated SIP switchboard. In the configuration pages it is possible to quickly create the different outdoor stations, indoor stations (IP phones, Delégo touch-screen panels, etc...) and call groups, through which you can address a call to multiple devices simultaneously.

In combination with the app pre-installed on the Delégo touch-screen panels, the system management allows to receive calls directly on the same panels used for supervision, operating entirely in local network and therefore with the maximum reliability. The management of video door stations through SIP protocol does not typically exclude the possibility to receive calls also on your smartphone, through the native app of the manufacturer, and the related cloud service. For compatibility with different video door phone systems, it is recommended to contact the technical support service.

Supported Models

IP Video Intercoms IP Cameras IP Cameras and DVR IP Video Intercoms
(Chime series)
IP Video Intercoms
(Thangram series)
IP Video Intercoms IP Video Intercoms (41007 series) IP Video Intercoms IP Video Intercoms IP video intercoms
(SIP compatible)