Tue, 28 January 2020

A modern and smart apartment in Perm (Russia)

The Application Context

On the banks of the Kama River, in the far eastern part of European Russia, lies the city of Perm where, during a recent renovation by interior designer Anastasya Bezmaternyh, a complete home automation system was created in a residential building.

Customer Requests

The owners of the apartment of about 177 square meters relied on KNX solutions for the automated management of lights and shutters in all rooms and for the audio control of the home theatre system.

Ekinex Solutions

The modern and technological design of the Ekinex pushbuttons perfectly matches the bright interior of the apartment. The functions of the smarthome system are controlled by elegant minimalist FF/'NF series rockers in metal finishes in aluminium, carbon and titanium. All rooms are equipped with 4-channel pushbuttons with integrated thermostat (EK-ED2-TP).

    Kodar.Pro and Anastasya Bezmaternyh Designer

    Kodar.Pro (www.kodar.pro) is a Russian company that has been providing services for the design, sale, installation and support of residential automation systems since 1994. The studio of Anastasya Bezmaternyh (https://design159.ru/) is responsible for private and public interior design in Perm.

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