Fri, 5 June 2020

Turin house of the architect Fabio Fantolino

The Application Framework

In Turin, the architect Fabio Fantolino has his residence in the 19th century Palazzo dei Conti Callori designed by Alessandro Antonelli, author of the iconic Mole and the bizarre Casa Scaccabarozzi, better known as Fetta di Polenta. The house unwinds within the extension built in the 1930s to house the craft workshop and stables, with only the kitchen in the neoclassical wing of the building. The living area, overlooking the large outdoor patio, is characterized by a succession of rooms joined by fluid passages that create the effect of a single large volume. The history of this building influences Fantolino's project in every detail, starting from the choice and combination of different materials. Poor and industrial touches, like cement and laminates, more sophisticated and elegant like solid walnut and Calacatta marble. (Source: ELLE Decor, November 2019)

Customer Requests

The architect designed this house for himself and his family, seeking intimacy for everyday moments and comfort for those of sharing with friends. The colour, the designer's stylistic feature, was used mainly on the surfaces of the custom furnishings and in the upholstery fabrics, with a palette that combines touches of green and oil with warm tones of cream, hazelnut and tobacco

Ekinex Solutions

The elegant and studied lines and the refined finishes in materials and colours have led to the choice of Ekinex wall products. The metal 'NF (no frame) and Fenix NTM line buttons in nickel and malè white with 4-channel push-button function (up to 8 independent functions) and built-in room temperature controller (EK-ED2-TP) were chosen. All the rockers have been customized and printed with symbols indicating the corresponding functions.

Architect Fabio Fantolino

Architect-designer specialized in residential and commercial projects with a strong search for identity and balance between design and technique for the creation of unique works where each element, be it material, light and furniture is studied and inserted as or appearance or as main subject, enhancing the design trend always respecting its individuality and the balance and livability of the space.

Photographer: Giorgio Possenti

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