Fri, 26 July 2019

A private house on the site of an ancient farmhouse: Casa Donella

The Application Context

Inside the historical centre of Cividate al Piano, in the province of Bergamo, the project by ZDA Zupelli Design Architettura for "Casa Donella", a private house built on the site of an old farmhouse in disuse, has been developed. The project is characterized by the emphasis on traditional elements typical of the original farmhouse such as the pitched roof, the exposed beams and the porch where they were then inserted more modern contaminations in contrast. This combination of tradition and contemporaneity is clearly visible in the front elevation, where on the ground floor there are large arched glass openings, of classical derivation, while the upper levels are contrasted with current architectural elements: a large fixed window running on the two floors and a lobby that creates an open space but at the same time covered and perfectly incorporated into the elevation. 

The Client's Requests

In this context of continuity between past and present, Ekinex products have been inserted, chosen for their minimalist yet contemporary lines and for their ability to ensure comfort and automation of the building. In particular, the client requested complete control over the lighting system so as to be able to adjust the switching on/off of the luminaires and the variation of the light intensity in every room of the house, both inside and outside, from a practical display.

Ekinex Solutions
The home automation solution is based on the KNX standard and includes a 640mA bus power supply (EK-AG1-TP) and two 8- and 16-channel binary outputs (EK-FE1-TP and EK-FF1-TP) for interfacing with luminaires. All this is managed by the customer in a simple and intuitive way by a Touch&See display (EK-EC2-TP) without frame ('NF), with a 3.5" touch screen and graphic page user interface that also acts as a room chronothermostat, displaying alarm messages and storing preferred scenarios
The push-buttons have been chosen in the 'NF (no frame) version with carbon-coloured metal keys, perfectly integrated in the colour chosen for the interior walls of the house.
ZDA Zupelli Design Architettura and M&V Impianti

Zupelli Design Architettura” deals with residential architecture and interior design following a design approach of attention to detail and research of materials in symbiosis with craftsmen to create unique geometries and styles, original and moldable to customer needs.
M&V Impianti takes care of the home automation integration of buildings by providing systems with high added value also in ”revamping” contexts where the dated electrical system is updated and transformed into an avant-garde, efficient and durable system.

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