Mon, 26 August 2019

Design and control of scenarios to ensure safety and comfort in the Isola district in Milan

The Application Context

The Isola district is located north of Milan and today represents the symbol of the continuous evolution of the city: from a marginal and "isolated" area (the name derives from the condition of physical isolation caused by the railway line to the Garibaldi station that separated it from the rest of the city) to an area of urban and commercial regeneration that has transformed it in recent years into one of the most lively and interesting of the city. The project involved an apartment in the district where, during the renovation, design and technology were added, also thanks to Ekinex solutions for the residential sector.

The Client's Requests

Comfort and safety were the primary requirements expressed by the customer during the design phase. Having to travel a lot for work, his desire was to have a comfortable home where he could spend relaxing moments away from work commitments. The request was therefore to be able to adjust the light intensity of all the LED lights in the house at will in a simple way and with the possibility of recalling pre-defined lighting scenarios. To ensure the security of the house in its absence, a video surveillance system was required that, integrated with the burglar alarm system and smart home, would allow remote control over access or any alarms.

Ekinex Solutions

The control of the LED lighting fixtures and the management of the scenarios was carried out on a KNX system with the aid of a 16-channel binary output (EK-FF1-TP) and a DALI gateway (EK-BP1-TP). The actuator also allows manual/automatic ventilation in the bathrooms to be controlled. The scenes are then managed by a control panel with built-in thermostat (EK-ED2-TP). All finishes are in Fenix NTM in white malé.

3WIRE Srl, Arch Matteo Caimi and Luca Lanzetta Group

3WIRE srl, a company specializing in advanced home automation systems, has been responsible for the design and implementation of all ”smart”, electrical and security systems, working in perfect harmony with the architect Matteo Caimi who supervised the project taking care of all the architectural part with the collaboration of Luca Lanzetta Group.

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