Tue, 19 May 2020

A classic and elegant apartment inspired by French style

The Application Framework

The apartment is located in the residential complex "Dominion" in Moscow, in the Ramenky area, in the immediate proximity of the Universitet metro. A newly built complex in classic style consisting of four blocks of apartments and surrounded by green areas.

Client's Requests

The owners are a young couple who love the classic French style but at the same time accustomed to modernity. For this reason the apartment has been furnished considering both the current needs of the young owners and the possible changes in their lives in the near future. The 215 m2 apartment includes a large living room with a bar area overlooking the dining room and 2 guest rooms that can be easily converted into children's rooms. The architecture firm AB-architects and system integrator Smart4 have integrated a modern home automation system into the apartment: heating, ventilation, air conditioning and humidification coordinated and controlled by mobile devices. Lighting and roller shutter management are integrated in predefined scenarios.

Ekinex Solutions

The Ekinex EQ2 thermostat with integrated temperature and relative humidity sensors and Ekinex FF Form line pushbuttons with white plastic and hematite plastic finish allow owners to easily manage the various functions of the smarthome. All buttons have been customised with an indication (symbols) of scenarios and default functions. Elegant and minimalist in style, the Ekinex wall mounting devices fit perfectly into the interior of the apartment, underlining its unique and modern style.

    Architecture firm AB-architects and system integrator Smart4

    AB-architects is a studio that has been working for over 10 years in Moscow on architecture and interior design projects. Smart4 is a team of professionals specialized in the creation and development of automation systems and integration of technological devices into design solutions. The project has also been published in AD Magazine Russia.

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