Mon, 31 August 2020

Smart flat in St. Petersburg

The Application Context

Inside a modern residential district of the charming St. Petersburg, a cosy and elegant flat has been realized with a home automation system entirely realized with Ekinex solutions.

Requests of clients

The owners, a young family with children, wanted a comfortable and safe space in an elegant and modern design. The straight and rigorous lines, in shades of black, grey and white, used for the decoration of walls and furniture are reflected in the finishes and colours of Ekinex wall devices.

Ekinex Solutions

The smarthome system project with lighting and climate control functions is entirely based on Ekinex solutions. The automation system is responsible for the control of the lighting units, underfloor radiant heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. A convenient interactive interface allows the user to control all the functions of the smart home via tablet, both from inside the flat and away from it.

The Ekinex pushbuttons of the FF series in "no frame" version have been chosen for the wall product finishes. Thanks to an integrated thermostat, the pushbuttons not only provide easy control of all the home automation functions but are also responsible for regulating the temperature and comfort of the interior. The two-tone backlighting of the pushbuttons, adjusted to the current brightness level, is successfully used by owners as a night orientation light.

Elspace, home&building automation

Elspace ( is a St. Petersburg-based company that has been installing home automation, home theatre, security and video surveillance systems for residential and commercial use (offices, hotels, restaurants, ...) since 2006.

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