• Room control in hotel building
  • Room control in hotel building

Room control in hotel building

HVAC applications and control


The use of Ekinex temperature control devices makes it possible to offer guests of a hotel maximum comfort and, at the same time, to safeguard the objectives of energy efficiency and cost savings defined in the technical and economic planning.

Through the Ekinex home automation system it is also possible to reduce operating and maintenance costs, thanks to the possibility of transmitting the most important operating parameters of the system to a centralised workstation and the real-time notification of faults and anomalies, guaranteeing maximum operational continuity.

Ekinex devices Other system components
A) Room thermostat EK-EQ2-TP 1) Window contact
B) Hotel module EK-HO1-TP 2) Fan-coil unit
C) 4-fold pushbutton EK-E12-TP 3) Heat exchange battery
D) Card holder EK-TH2-TP 4) Fan group
E) Card reader EK-TR2-TP 5) Valve with ON / OFF servomotor
F) (PC with) programming and supervision software EK-TSW 6) Contact for condensate drip tray
G) KNX / IP router EK-BC1-TP 7) Electric door lock
H) Card programmer EK-TR2-TP 8) Bathroom alarm rope pushbutton
I) NTC temperature sensor (contact) EK-STC-10K-3435  

The Ekinex thermoregulation devices (A, B), in combination with the Ekinex access control system (D, E, F, H), make it possible to increase energy efficiency and, at the same time, save costs with simple measures such as, for example:

  • the activation of heating or cooling in comfort mode shortly before the guest’s arrival or directly when the guest is at the check-in desk;
  • switching heating or cooling from comfort to stand-by (or night) mode with an appropriate time delay when the guest leaves the room or during the check-out;
  • the temporary and automatic deactivation of the heating or cooling when opening room doors or windows;
  • the setting of ventilation for air renewal at a minimum flow level in the absence of the guest from the room and its automatic reactivation at the design flow rate upon return to the room;
  • limitation of the temperature modification allowed to the guest with respect to the defined setpoint.

Thanks to the Ekinex (C) pushbuttons, equipped with an integrated temperature sensor and the room thermostat function, it is also possible to carry out independent climate control in the common and transit areas, without having to install a device with a user interface, by setting the setpoints and operating modes centrally from reception.

For larger rooms, Ekinex room thermostats and pushbuttons can carry out the control using a weighted average of temperature values, receiving a temperature value from the bus.

Access control

In hotel buildings, in combination with thermoregulation solutions, it is ideal the use of the Ekinex system for access and presence detection control.

The system is based on transponder technology, which makes full use of its flexibility and security features.

The devices (D, E), fully compatible with the KNX system, can be combined with the FF and 71 series of Ekinex wall-mounting devices. The supervision and programming software for PC EK-ACC-SW (F) completes the system offer and can also represent the interface to other communication protocols commonly used in the HVAC sector such as BACnet, Modbus or M-Bus.

The Ekinex access control system combines the needs of comfort and energy saving in the best possible way and allows for the creation of flexible and advanced systems, optimising the services offered to the guests. The EK-TR2-TP (E) card reader is used for access control. The device is installed outside the rooms or other rooms to which access must be controlled. Each card is equipped with an electronic circuit and, once it is close to the card reader, it transmits the unique access code. Entry is allowed or denied depending on the authorisation programmed.

Presence detection

The EK-TH2-TP (D) card holder is used to detect the guest presence in the room. The device is installed inside the room. The card is inserted by the guest in the special slot; with this action, the system gives consent to the activation of the HVAC system of the room (in addition to other room utilities such as lighting or TV). At the same time, the presence is notified to the supervision software installed on the PC at the reception desk. Information on the status of the room (such as the need to rearrange, to replenish the bar, the need for maintenance or the inactivity of the room) is instead notified to the reception by the hotel staff, thanks to special cards (master card).

The devices have a 4A (24V) relay output and a freely programmable binary input; the output can be used for load control, while the binary input allows the connection of devices such as bathroom alarm rope pushbuttons or window contacts. The programming of the cards and the configuration of the devices can be carried out from the reception or from another workstation where the card programmer (H) is installed, connected via KNX / IP interface or router (G) to a PC with the programming and supervision software EK-ACC-SW (F) installed.

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