Three-phase MID electricity meter 5A

DIN-Rail mount modules



Three-phase MID energy meter for active and reactive energy measurement with bi-directional metering for imported and exported energy, current (A), voltage (V), active power (kW), reactive power (kVAr), power factor (cos φ) and other electrical parameters. Connection via current transformers (CT). The device has an integrated communication module to the KNX bus.

The meter has four S0 pulse outputs for the transmission of imported and exported active and reactive energy data, which can alternatively be used for load control functions or for threshold monitoring of a maximum value. The device enables two- or four-tariff system management with switching of the active rate via a 230 Vac signal. Protection against manipulation is provided by sealable terminal covers. The device is designed for DIN rail mounting according to EN 60715 inside switchboards and control cabinets.

Technical data
  • Rated voltage Un: 3x230 / 400V (+/- 20%)
  • Rated frequency fn: 50 Hz, 60 Hz a richiesta

Current transformer /5A and /1A:

  • /5A (Ist, Imin, Itr, Iref, Imax) 0.01 A / 0.05 A / 0.25 A / 5 A / 6 A (5(6))
  • /1A (Ist, Imin, Itr, Iref, Imax) 0.002 A / 0.01 A / 0.05 A / 1 A / 1.2 A (1(1.2))
Functions / Features
  • Display: graphic 60x30 mm LCD backlit
  • Optical interface D0: according to EN 62056-21
  • Communication interface: KNX TP
  • KNX configuration: via ETS software
  • Metrological LED: 10 pulses / Wh
  • Pulse output: Opto Power MOSFET S0 for heavy-duty applications, 5-230 Vac or Vdc, max 90 mA
  • Pulse setting (frequency, length)
  • Accuracy class: B (1%)
  • Environmental class: mechanic: M1, electromagnetic: E1
  • Safety class: 2
  • Marks: KNX, CE, MID (B+D)
  • Device housing: modular 5 MU (1 MU = 18 mm)
  • Degree of protection: IP51 (housing), IP20 (terminals)
  • Dimensions (LxHxD): 90 x 90 x 67 mm
Configurationa and commissioning

A detailed description of the parameters can be found in the application manual of the device. Configuration and commissioning require ETS5 or later versions. ETS application program: APEKME1EMUTP##.knxprod (## = release).

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