Tue, 21 April 2020

An eco-friendly resort on the wild coast of Irakli, on the Black Sea

The application context

In Bulgaria along the beautiful coast of Irakli lies the Vaya Beach Resort, a contemporary one or two-storey bungalows' development opened in late 2019 with a European and elegant style. Each bungalow has a private garden, swimming pool and directly overlooks the beach and the sea, the Black Sea. The eco-sustainable project integrates a wastewater treatment plant and inserts the bungalows within the natural vegetation of the area, minimizing the impact on the environment.

The client's requests

The bungalows have been designed to accommodate an international clientele during holiday periods, guaranteeing maximum comfort for an exclusive stay in one of the most beautiful and wild areas along the Black Sea.

The solution proposed with Ekinex products

Ekinex wall mounted products have been chosen in the 71 series, Form line: push-buttons and metal plates in nickel finish, with plastic frames in graphite finish. The Ekinex solutions are well integrated in the modern and European line defined for the bungalows and recall the prevailing colours of the interiors in an elegant and minimalist style.

Emona 2000 construction and architecture studio and Interior Architect Ivanova Desislava

Emona 2000 is a Bulgarian construction company and architectural firm that operates in the construction of luxury and eco-sustainable structures. For the choice of interiors it uses the refined taste of Senior Interior Architect Ivanova Desislava.

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