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Ekinex KNX Thermoregulation’s solution for residential properties

The growing importance of the HVAC’s applications within the KNX’s world is testified by the space dedicated to it, from KNX Association, in occasion of the ISH 2017 the dedicated worldwide known event, which mainly focuses on heating, air conditioning, renewable energies and health facilities distributions.

The ekinex thermoregulation’s devices offer a wide platform of solutions, in KNX standard, in order to obtain energy efficiency and high comfort from modern heating, air conditioning and ventilation’s system, particularly where different temperatures of the thermal fluid are required for the simultaneous presence of radiant and convection terminals.

The EK-HH1-TP controller (1) manages a mixing unit (6) by regulating the heat flow temperature of the heat exchanger in heating and cooling plants by controlling the servomotor (10) of the mixing valve (with 3 floating points or signal 0 ... 10V) and commanding the circulator (9) in running / stopping. The versatility of the device is also stated by the many available adjustment modes: five in heating and four in cooling; the flexibility of use is another of the strengths, as the device can be used as stand-alone or in combination with one or more room thermostats – e.g. EK-EQ2-TP (3) - or KNX environment probes.

In the case of climate-compensated adjustment, an EK-STE-NTC-3435 (5) probe is connected to the unit to measure the outside air temperature, whilst the EK-STI-NTC-3435 probes, measure the flow temperature (7) and eventually return (8) of the heat transfer fluid. The integrated display allows you to monitor the operating parameters of the system and to modify some of the initial configuration made with ETS. Switching between the heating mode and the cooling system is doable through the bus, by a digitally configured input, or manually by the front panel keyboard.

The EK-HE1-TP actuator (2) controls the electro thermal drives (17) mounted in the distribution manifold (16) of the radiant floor system; the TRIAC outputs guarantee absolute quietness during operation time, allowing its installation in any area of the building. When used in conjunction with simple KNX temperature probes, the unit can perform the additional eight-channel independent control function. NC or NO drives can be use with 24 Vac or 230 Vac power supply.

The EK-HC1-TP actuator (4) monitors the fancoil unit (18) through relè outputs for traditional three-speed fans or output with 0 ... 10V control signal for fans with brushless motor and inverter card; one or two ON / OFF shut-off valves are also controlled according to the 2 or 4 pipe system. Unused outputs for fancoil drive control can be configured as output channels for other applications.

EK-EQ2-TP thermostats (3) are equipped with a humidity probe and offer advanced protection against condensation during summer. Both the thermostat and the fancoil actuator are equipped with configurable inputs such as analogue (for NTC temperature probes) or digital (potential free) connections, in order to add additional functions to increase comfort and reduce power consumption. For further details and information: 

Scheme references:
  • 1) Mixer control unit EK-HH1-TP
  • 2) Fancoil actuator EK-HC1-TP
  • 3) EK-EQ2-TP environment thermostat
  • 4) Actuator for EK-HE1-TP electro thermal drives
  • 5) EK-STE-NTC-3435 external temperature probe
  • 6) Mixing group
  • 7) EK-STI-NTC-3435 flow temperature probe
  • 8) Return temperature sensor EK-STI-NTC-3435
  • 9) Mixer (Radiant Floor)
  • 10) Servomotor for mixing valve
  • 11) Circulator for unmixed zone (fancoil)
  • 12) Thermal generator
  • 13) Chiller
  • 14) Delivery manifold
  • 15) return manifold
  • 16) Circuit Collector for Low Temperature
  • 17) Electro thermal drives
  • 18) Ceiling Fancoil
Roberto Rocco - R&D ekinex

Engineer, enthusiastic about trekking and architecture, in his spare time he has been working for years with leading technical publishers on technical books and articles. Focus is given to the ekinex solution adopted for the thermoregulation of the rooms.

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