Wed, 4 May 2022

LAQUA BY THE LAKE: A new concept of hospitality on Lake Orta

The application context

LAQUA by the Lake is not just a hotel, but a place of the heart that embraces the shores of Lake Orta. The idea of Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo and his wife Cinzia came to be realized thanks to the skillful hands of the Primatesta Architecture Studio and the vision of interior designer Cristina Quirico. The current structure is the result of the redevelopment of the historic Residence Riviera in Pettenasco (NO) and the extension needed to make the location itself intimate and refined.  The fusion of wood and stone makes the architectural context perfectly integrated into the landscape, creating a unique harmony for the panorama of Lake Orta. Inside the individual rooms, comfort reigns supreme thanks to the fine, natural materials chosen to achieve a harmonious yet modern design. In this context, command and control elements for the management of climatic comfort and ambient lighting are also integrated.

The Bistrot and Lounge Bar, the Beach Club and The Longevity Suite® SPA complete the structure.


Access control, welcome and comfort scenario and supervision.  Access to your residence is managed in simplicity using smartcards, through which, the room is illuminated for a warm welcome to the guest. Each light point can be fully customized by guests at the touch of a button. Customized serigraphs mean that everything is always under control. Climatic comfort is guaranteed by the room thermostat through which the guest can create "his own" environment. Through the Delégo Supervision, the staff always has everything under control and can satisfy the guests' requests at any time, even remotely. 

Ekinex Solutions:

 Wall-mount devices

71 series with horizontal rectangular silk-screen printed buttons, Deep plate in Fenix NTM, White Malé finish.
FF series ('NF), square Fenix NTM buttons, White Malaise finish.
Hotel solutions

Rail-mount devices

LAQUA by the Lake

We wanted to create a project that embraces Northern and Southern Italy. This is why we decided to launch new intimate resorts dedicated to our guests … a place to retreat, enjoy time, and restore mental and physical well-being.

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