Tue, 26 February 2019

St. Petersburg Sport Federation of Boxing

St. Petersburg Sport Federation of Boxing is a High School of Boxing represented by a net of professional gyms for martial arts and crossfit. Professional Boxers and champions are training here next to those who only make their first steps in boxing. The Sport Federation of Boxing is a growing network. New clubs of the net are being opened these days. To create the most convenient atmosphere for trainings the clubs are equipped with the most modern equipment and technologies. In one of the clubs (340 m², 2 floors) located at a spectacular region of St.Petersburg – Krestovsky Island a KNX automation system has been integrated.

The KNX-system realizes the following functions:

  • Lighting control (lighting groups, scenarios)
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Monitoring of air quality parameters

ekinex® equipment has been chosen for the project due to its universal technological design and wide functionality. ekinex® EK-E12-TP pushbutton is set on the ground floor of the building. This compact and stylish KNX device realizes functions of lighting groups’ management and temperature monitoring. Ekinex multisensor EK-ET2-TP is used for monitoring of temperature, air humidity and concentration of CO2. All the measured parameters are displayed on iPad. iPad is also used for controlling of lighting, music and videomonitoring in all rooms of the building.

Lighting control function is realized on the basis of ekinex® 16-fold binary output/8-fold blind actuator EK-FF1-TP. 

Ing. Enrico Canavesi - Sales department Ekinex

Graduated in civil engineering, he developed and deepened the topics related to renewable resources and electronic circuits. In free time he loves to cultivate the land and play guitar with friends.

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