Mon, 10 April 2017

Thermoregulation and comfort in Hotels

The installation has been made by our partner, in one of the most suggestive region, known for its see, its caves and for being the birthplace of many international well-known characters.

Following a whole systems refurbishment mainly focused on the heating and refreshing room’s systems, the Giovi Hotel located in Polignano a Mare (BA) choose the Ekinex thermoregulation’s products. 

The system, which is completely implemented on a KNX platform, manages utilities such as zone valves, recycling pumps, and control of summer/winter mode’s operation and collection of technical alarms. 

Following the list of chosen devices:

  • EK-FE1-TP actuator, used to control the on/off function for the recycling pump, for the interior design radiator’s enabling and to enable the room’s primary air. 
  • The universal interface EK-CB2-TP, which in this application has the function of gathering technical and general alarms (switches fault, Bathroom alarm switch etc..) 
  • The EK-HE1-TP actuator, 8 channels controller and actuator, which integrates advanced thermoregulation’s functions, by the on/off control of the area valves. 
  • The EK-E72-TP is a KNX device with thermostat function, the temperature’s measurements occurs through the integrated sensor whilst the user’s interface is made of a backlit LCD display and four capacitive pushbuttons. Moreover, it has the function of automatic commutation of its operative mode based on the presence of persons or opening windows.
  • The fan-coil actuator EK-HA1-TP, combined with the thermostat. Developed to serve 2 pipe hydraulic distribution systems with ON / OFF control of an electrothermal actuator on a shut-off valve and a 3-speed fan.
  • The PLC EK-IA1-TP is the Ekinex advanced logic module which, properly programmed in CODESY’s mode, if interfaced with the KNX bus, enables the executions of complex logics ‘controls and settings to integrate the KNX basic ones.
  • Attached it can be found a scheme used for this system.
  • High priority of this system was to avoid energy’s waste, by using contacts interfaced with the whole system in order to make it work only with closed windows.

The Ekinex’ system in this project is integrated with control and supervision implants, enriching of information and functions to guarantee the guests’ maximum level of comfort.

Giuseppe Calcagno - R&D ekinex

Industrial Expert and KNX tutor, has also a passion for singing and acoustic guitars. During his working experience, he has dealt with situations and problems regarding the integration of automation systems.

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