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Which software is necessary to configure and commission the KNX ekinex® devices?

You only need the ETS® software tool and the ekinex® product database for ETS®.

ETS® means Engineering Tool Software, a manufacturer-independent software tool developed to design and configure KNX home and building control systems. ETS® runs on computers based on Windows© platform.

In order to configure and commission most ekinex® devices it is necessary ETS4 or later releases.

KNX manufacturers do not sell ETS® software licenses. You can buy a license only at the online shop of KNX Association (www.knx.org).

The best solution is to attend a course at a KNX-certified training center. The certified training centers offer the best guarantees in terms of quality and updating, as they are constantly monitored by KNX Association. Over 200 centres in 40 countries give you the chance to become KNX Partner.

No, ETS® is a manufacturer-independent software tool. In order to configure ekinex® devices, you have to import the ekinex® product database for ETS®, that is available for download in our technical area.

The ekinex® product database contains all application programs that allow you to configure the ekinex® bus devices with ETS.

No, you can also selectively import single application programs (files with .vdx or .knxprod extension) available for download in the technical area.

ETS® inside is a KNX’s software which enable the total customisation of domotic’s technology in your household. From the lighting to the heating and air conditioning system, from the blinds management to security control. For further information 

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Discovering the KNX international standard, a system open to virtually all applications that home and building automation requires for the buildings of tomorrow.


Ekinex is the new way for home and building automation systems on the base of KNX standard. We combine quality, security and Made in Italy design.


BIM stands for Building Information Modeling and indicates a methodology aimed at optimizing and managing the design and construction of a building.


Ekinex Bus devices are equipped with the standars KNX terminal block connection; they are networked with a shielded and twisted bus cable.


All Ekinex products and KNX standard are compliant with international and European regulations about quality, performance and safety conditions.

DIN-Rail mount modules

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