Thu, 29 October 2020

A modern and environmental sustainable business park

The Application Context

Inside Vimercate's "Energy Park" Technology Park, a modern business park consisting of various buildings used as headquarters for Italian and multinational companies, is the Italian branch of Murrelektronik, a German international company which is one of the world's leading players in the field of connections and system engineering.

The Client's Requests

All the buildings in the park have been designed and constructed according to the Leed certification procedures for which they have obtained the highest level (Platinum). The Leed standards outline all the requirements for constructing environmentally sustainable buildings, both in terms of its energy efficiency and the use in terms of all the resources involved in the construction process.

The results in terms of eco-sustainability and automation for Murrelektronik's offices were the outcome of coordinated work by two Ekinex partners: the design work carried out by the architecture and interior design studio Coima Image and the installation by Erregi S.r.l. were coordinated by Integra S.r.l. While the KNX design and special audio/video systems were developed by Smart Domo S.r.l.

Ekinex Solutions

The Ekinex products were chosen in particular for the control and interfacing of LED lamps in offices via the CC2 universal interface (EK-CC2-TP), the CE2 universal interface (EK-CE2-TP) and modules with 16-channel binary output/8-channel actuator (EK-FF1-TP).

The DALI-KNX Gateway (EK-BG1-TP) is used for lighting dimming over the DALI protocol.

The modules with 16-channel binary output/8-channel actuator (EK-FF1-TP) controls and manages the opening and closing of blinds and shutters in offices, meeting rooms and dining areas.

Keys and buttons have been chosen from the 71 series, 'NF line in Fenix NTM commodore green colour.


Integra - Smart Domo

Integra carries out distribution activities for leading manufacturers in the field of industrial automation and robotics.

Smart Domo designs and manufactures customised automation systems for the integration and supervision of special systems (audio-video, lighting, heating and air conditioning, CCTV, networking, videoconferencing, access control) for both the residential and industrial fields.

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