FAQ - KNX Dimmer

What is an universal dimmer actuator and what is it for?

TheEkinex 2-channel and 4-channel KNX universal dimming actuators are used to perform an efficient lighting control in building automation applications based on KNX. Through regulation curves it is also possible to regulate dimmable LED lamps in a more flexible and precise way. It is also possible to activate more than one LED with a single actuator. For further information click here.

Yes, there is. It is the Modular RGBW dimmer with 4 channels used to command and control the brightness of RGBW LED lighting devices (for example, in chromotherapy lights).

Other FAQs

KNX Actuators and Outputs

Actuators are devices that produce a physical action on the controlled system by executing a command received from a control device.


The CODESYS PLC executes a program and elaborates the digital and analog signals coming from sensors and meant for the actuators installed in a KNX plant.

KNX Power Supply

Ekinex AB1 and AG1 KNX power supplies provide the network voltage (SELV) to all KNX components.

KNX System Device

Ekinex proposes system equipment to be able are used to build an efficient communication infrastructure and allow the system integration in different environments.

KNX Gateway

The ekinex® gateways are modular devices for mounting a framework. It used to exchange information with one or more slave devices, or with a master device communicate over a RS485 differential serial or Ethernet network.

KNX Input

In a home automation plant, commands are often realized with pushbutton interfaces, commonly referred to as “spiders”, which are connected to traditionals rockers.

KNX Metering

The Ekinex® metering products are divided into energy meters, communication modules and network analyzers.

KNX Thermal Regulation

The Ekinex® products for temperature control are grouped in fancoil, electrothermal actuator and mixing group controllers.