Tue, 28 September 2021

I tre Bacili: hospitality at home. A widespread hotel between Salento tradition and innovation in green building.

The Application Context

Tre Bacili is an elegant and romantic Salento residence, on the border of the historic center of Spongano (LE), built partly in the late 18th century and partly in the late 19th century. Distinguished by a widespread structure, where you can meet and enjoy your time, and overlooking the sixteenth-century church, it’s one of the most peaceful and comfortable places in the area, with a welcoming and reserved atmosphere that doesn’t renounce the canons of luxury.

Stone, lime and natural wood, colonial and seductive fabrics, use of organic materials, are the value of Tre Bacili, which has decided to follow the modern dictates of green building, under the architectural guidance of the architect Marco Mantovano.

Contemporary and essential furnishings combine with ancient architecture, with the creative reuse of spaces and with eco-compatible materials.

The owners have built the house always thinking about the impact on the environment: disposable products have been reduced as much as possible, providing guests with thermal steel water bottles, refillable ceramic dispensers for locally produced cosmetics, solar thermal panels for the production of hot water, radiant floor systems, as well as internal and external lighting LED (Servomuto and Vibia).

The Client's Requests

The comfortable and deliberately essential space has been designed to ensure an aesthetic and functional cleanliness and to maintain harmony with the wonderful context.

The owners wanted to rediscover the typical Salento house in each stone or plastered wall and, at the same time, ensure the highest comfort in innovative technological solutions for climate control, lighting and shading.

Ekinex Solutions

To meet client's requests and offer a hospitality experience that doesn’t renounce to the canons of luxury, all rooms have:

  • 3-speed and 0-10V fan coil controller EK-HC1-TP
  • Binary output 16 channels / actuator 8-channel drives EK-FF1-TP
  • 20A or 40A current transformer
  • 4-channel FF line buttons' NF version in bromo gray Fenix ​​NTM with engraved icons
  • EK-EQ2-TP thermostats FF line 'NF version with red / white LEDs

In addition, the system has:

The electrical and home automation system project was handled by Elettrosystem Srl and installed by Maggiulli Impianti. The design of air conditioning and of sanitary water was handled by the industrial expert Roberto Falcone, while the Nuccio Costruzioni company took care of the construction of the building and of the hydraulic works. Doors and windows by Sales S.r.l.

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